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PC Accelerate 3.0

Manages the memory assigned to each of the applications running on your PC
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PC Accelerate is another great tool developed by the people from NTechnologies. It is designed to help you increase your PC’s performance while you are working. The program is based on a very simple principle: priority. Windows assigns different levels of priorities to all the programs running on the computer at a given time. Usually, Windows kernel has the highest level of priority, thus allowing it to control the overall flux of information. Most of the other programs are set to normal priority. Therefore, the program you are working with has the same priority as another one in the background. It makes no sense. This is when PC Accelerate jumps in. This utility will automatically switch the foreground active window program (the one you are actually using) to highest priority. You will notice an important increase in its performance. However, at the same time, other programs running in the background will run much slower. In addition, loading a new program will take more time than usual. This program can also increase you PCs free RAM, increasing the general performance of your computer as well.
The interface is very modern and does not have many settings. However, it shows the real-time load of your PC processor as well as the program being accelerated. This is also shown as a small icon in your system tray bar. The program runs smoothly and seamlessly in most Windows NT operating systems.

Juan Morán
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  • Noticeable performance increase
  • Fancy interface


  • Slows down other processes
  • Not many configuration options
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